Rubina Dilaik Opens up on why she hasn’t confronted Abhinav Shukla over Kavita Kaushik’s ‘drunk messages’ allegations

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Bigg Boss 14 winner Rubina Dilaik opens up why she hasn’t confronted her husband Abhinav Shukla over Kavita Kaushik‘s allegations. FIR actress Kavita Kaushik had entered the BB 14 house as a wildcard contestant and after a week she got eliminated from the show. Later, she was brought back in the house once again.

During the initial week, Kavita and Abhinav was seen in good terms but later things changed between them and she become loggerheads with Rubina & Abhinav. This all happened when Kavita Kaushik asked Abhinav‘s wife, Rubina Dilaik if she knows her husband truths. After the massive fight with Rubina, Kavita Kaushik walked out of the house.

Later, Kavita‘s husband Ronnit tweeted and accuses Abhinav Shukla of drunk calling his wife and asking her to meet. The tweet was later deleted. Ronnit‘s tweets reads, “Well let me put the truth out there.. the not so gentleman we’re talking about has a severe alcohol problem and used to get pissed drunk and message KK through the night wanting to talk and meet up at all odd hours. So much so that she had to call the cops on him more than once.”

Later, Kavita and Ronnit were called on the show to clarify these allegations, and confront with Abhinav and Rubina. However, Abhinav had denied all these allegations.

Now, in a recent interaction with radio host Siddharth Kannan, BB14 winner Rubina Dilaik revealed that she hasn’t discussed Kavita Kaushik’s ‘drunk texts’ allegations against Abhinav Shukla. She said that she is convinced that there’s no truth to it. The actress added that she trusts Abhinav and there’s no point of discussing the matter. Rubina told Siddharth Kannan, “Why discuss things where you have faith and you know that it is all a facade, nothing else? Isme koi sachchai hoti, toh apne aap mein ek roop le leta.”

The Shakti actress further added, “Jo cheez wahi pe dhasth ho gayi, uska matlab uska koi wajood hi nahi tha. Jiska wajood hi nahi tha, usko discuss karke, khuredke kya faayda (If it got buried then and there, it means it never happened. What is the point of discussing and raking up something that never happened)?”

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