Nikki Tamboli Opens up on her allegations that Jaan Kumar Sanu forcefully kissed her; Says, “Forcefully bilkul bhi nahi tha, but Jaan presented in a wrong way”

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Bigg Boss 14 finalist Nikki Tamboli grabbed lot of attention with her stint in the controversial show. From her changing equation in the house to her fights, the actress was always in news. In one of the BB14 episode, Nikki Tamboli had even accused her friend Jaan Kumar Sanu for forcefully kissing her.

After Jaan got evicted from the show, he called Nikki loose mouth and dismissed all her accusations about him. And now, Nikki Tamboli has opened up on the matter and clarified her stance. In an interaction with, Nikki quoted saying, “We were friends inside. And dosti mein hug and kisses are normal. So, in between we had a fight because he nominated me and I got upset with him. Post that, he apologised to me by saying sorry, mujhse galti hogai. Mana raha tha mujhe. But I was really very angry on him, so I wasn’t ready to accept his apology.”

She added, “So, in that discussion I told him that ‘jo aap mujhe kiss karte ho vo mat karna’. Forcefully bilkul bhi nahi tha. But Jaan presented in a wrong way actually by telling national television pe bola. But kiss bhi to aap national television pe hi kar rahe the na. To wahin bolungi na ki mujhe kiss mat karo.”

The show has ended now and both Nikki Tamboli & Jaan Kumar Sanu is sharing a cordial equation. The two often seen talking on live chats and putting stories of themselves together on Instagram.

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