Pakhi to manipulate Sai-Virat’s surrogate Geeta to back out from bearing their child in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Pakhi surrogate Sai Virat child

The latest episode of Star Plus‘ show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin witnessed Pakhi (Aishwarya Sharma) getting desperate to convince Virat (Neil Bhatt) to let her be the surrogate mother of his and Sai’s (Ayesha Singh) baby. Patralekha emotionally blackmails Virat and tells him that through surrogacy she can get close to being a mother which she could not be as a widow. She even holds his hand begging him to let her be the surrogate mother while Virat tries to free his hand. Just then, Sai enters the office and sees Pakhi holding Virat’s hand.

She questions Pakhi’s intentions and her reason of meeting with her husband Virat at his office. Virat informs Sai that Pakhi was insisting him to let her be the surrogate mother. However, Sai refuses it and tells Virat that she has already found a woman to be a surrogate mother. Hearing this good news, Virat gets happy.

At the Chavan house, Bhavani asks Sai and Virat about the woman who is going to be surrogate of their child. On learning about the lady, Kaku tells Sai that Pakhi will always be a good option for surrogacy. Sai gets angry when she learns that Kaku took Pakhi to a doctor for check up.

Furthermore, Bhavani asks to meet the surrogate mother but Sai denies saying that only a mother or a doctor allowed to meet her. This makes Kaku angry and she tells Sai that only she will decide who will bear Sai’s child and who will not. Hearing the noice, entire family gathers in Sai’s room. Pakhi tells family members that Sai has selected a surrogate mother and is refusing to let Bhavani meet her.

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Sai also asks everyone why was Pakhi being checked medically despite her refusal and why Pakhi went to meet Virat in his office. During the argument, Kaku angrily crosses the line taunting Sai for being incompetent to be a mother. She even goes on calling Sai an orphan.

Virat opposes Kaku calling Sai an orphan while Sai questions Bhavani for not caring about the emotional well-being of a mother. Bhavani tells her that she only cares about having an heir to the family. Hearing this, Sai strictly tells Bhavani that as a mother of the child only she will decide who will bear her baby and that will not be Pakhi for sure. Virat agrees to Sai.

In the upcoming episode we will see Virat and Sai meeting the doctor with their surrogate Geeta. The doctor tells them that if they’re satisfied with the reports then they can move forward with the process. Virat tells the doctor that he has no doubts regarding this decision and tells her that they are ready.

Pakhi overhears their conversation and decides to turn the surrogate woman against the idea of surrogacy. She says that there can only be one woman who will carry Sai-Virat’s child and that’s she herself. Will Pakhi able to manipulate Sai-Virat’s surrogate Geeta to back out from giving birth to their child?

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein, produced by Cockcrow Entertainment and Shaika Films. The show written by Leena Gangopadhyay and directed by Jaydeep Sen, Ranjeet Gupta and Ashwini Saraswat. Its a remake of Star Jalsha’s Bengali series Kusum Dola. The show stars Ayesha SinghNeil Bhatt in lead. It also features actors like Aishwarya Sharma, Yogendra Vikram Singh, Kishori Shahane. Adish Vaidya, Bharti Patil, Sheetal Maulik, Mitaali Nag, Yash Pandit among others.

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