Ishk Par Zor Nahi actress Akshita Mudgal on doing romantic scenes with Param Singh; “Our friendship is really strong, so we are very comfortable with each other”

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Ishk Par Zor Nahi actress Akshita Mudgal

Sony TV show Ishk Par Zor Nahi is one of the most adored show on television. The lead pair Akshita Mudgal and Param Singh Aka Ishqi and Ahaan has been garnering lot of love from viewers. The show is making lot of headlines nowadays as it will be going off-air soon and the team wrapped up the shoot last week.

Now, in a recent chat with India Forums, Akshita Mudgal spoke about doing romantic scenes with co-star Param Singh. She also revealed if she will do a music video with him. Talking about the same, the actress said, “I think a comfort zone and a good bond between two people is something that matters a lot when they’re performing romantic scenes. Luckily, Param and I share a great bond, our friendship is really strong, so we are very comfortable with each other and I feel, yes, that comfort zone is the key, you know, that’s how we get our romantic scenes right. When you’re too comfortable with each other, when you can actually share your thoughts whenever you can, then that off-screen chemistry comes alive on-screen as well.”

Akshita was further asked about doing a music video with Param, and she said, “I would love to do a music album because people really like our chemistry in the show. So I’m sure whenever we shoot a music video, people will really embrace it and it will rock because, in music albums, chemistry really matters. So I would love to do if I am given a chance.”

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(Image Source: AkshitaMudgal, Twitter-ParamSinghfans)

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