Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni gets into verbal spat with Jasmin Bhasin, as she Ignores him During Task

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In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 14, we will see Aly Goni getting into verbal spat with Jasmin Bhasin. In tonight’s episode, BB will announce the luxury budget task wherein housemates are divided in two teams one will be Team ‘Devils’ and Another one will be ‘Angels’.

In the tasks, ‘Angels’ (Rubina, Abhinav, Pavitra, Jaan Sanu) has to listen all the orders given by ‘Devils’ (Nikki, Aly Goni, Eijaz Khan). Captain Jasmin Bhasin will be the sanchalak (moderator) of the Luxury budget task.

During the task, Aly Goni gets into verbal spat with Jasmin Bhasin. In the promo, Eijaz seen arguing with Jasmin Bhasin regarding the task, and Aly will try to talk to her about it. Aly, who’s playing the game from the separate room where he is quarantining, screams Jasmin’s name from there. However, Jasmin avoids Aly‘s requests for a conversation and will continue to explain things to Eijaz.

Later, Aly looses his cool and yells at Jasmin for ‘not paying attention’ him. He will shout at Jasmin for ‘ignoring’ him during the task, as even he is a part of the game. Aly will vent out his anger against Jasmin for not listening to him. Then, Jasmin will go to talk to him, citing the reason that she was clearing the misunderstandings with Eijaz. But, Aly seems to be extremely upset with Jasmin‘s behaviour and will feel cornered.

Have a look at the promo right here:

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