Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya’s GF Disha Parmar REJECTS the offer of entering Salman Khan’s show

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Rahul Vaidya has emerged out as one of the strongest contenders of the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 14. The singer is giving a tough competition to all housemates in the show. Recently, Rahul Vaidya made lot of headlines for his proposal to his ladylove & actress Disha Parmar in Bigg Boss 14 house.

Though the actress did not official replied to Rahul‘s proposal but she hinted about her feelings for the singer many times through her post. She is continuously showing her support to Rahul from outside the BB 14 house. While everyone was waiting for Disha Parmar‘s answer to Rahul Vaidya‘s proposal, she has turned down the offer to enter the Bigg Boss 14 house.

Reportedly, the Bigg Boss 14 makers had approached Disha Parmar to enter the house as a VIP special guest for some days. However, the actress has turned down the offer to enter the show.

As per reports in, Disha has refused to be part of Bigg Boss 14 even as a special guest. Confirming the news, Disha revealed, “”I have been approached for a few seasons! But I don’t think I can be a good contestant for the show! Am a very boring person.”

When she was asked if Rahul is the reason she refuse to enter the show, Disha denied saying, ‘”No, it was not because of him. I said No in general for the show.”

Well, this is surely a sad news for all Rahul and Disha fans who were expecting to see them together on show.

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(Image Source: Instagram-Rahul Vaidya & Disha Parmar)

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