Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya’s Mother Opens up on his proposal to Disha Parmar and his game inside the house

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Singer-actor Rahul Vaidya is currently locked inside the Bigg Boss 14 house and is grabbing lot of headlines for his game. The singer is one of the strongest contenders on the show and giving a tough competition to other housemates. Rahul recently grabbed attention for his cute proposal on National television to girlfriend-actress Disha Parmar on her birthday.

Rahul‘s proposal to Disha has left everyone a bit shocked including his parents. Now, in a recent interaction with Pinkvilla, Rahul‘s mother, Geeta Vaidya, has talked about her reaction to son’s proposal on national TV and his game inside the Bigg Boss 14 house.

Speaking about Rahul‘s journey inside the Bigg Boss 14 house, Geeta Vaidya quoted saying, “I am very happy seeing him inside the house. He is playing it smart. I really liked that he stood his ground and showed his maturity in every task. What makes me really happy is that he doesn’t and did not compromise on his values for the show.”

When Rahul‘s mother was asked about if she agrees that her son despite being strong ends up saying things which can hurt his reputation in long run. Defending her son, she says, “I did not feel like that. I think he is not diplomatic and puts his point across in limited words. In fact, I feel Rubina is unable to summarise her words and hence can become boring with long speeches.”

Talking about Rahul‘s proposal to Disha Parmar, Mrs Vaidya says that even she was shocked and will speak to Rahul once he is back. She quoted saying, “I was very shocked myself. All of sudden, he proposed. Actually, Disha had visited our house during the Ganapati festivities which we had held last year. She had come along with Rahul‘s other friends. She is beautiful and I like her but Rahul never told me that there is something more. I thought like his other friends she also came. But I think after going inside the BB house, he must have realised something about this relationship and he went ahead with proposing her.”

Further, when asked if she will accept the relationship, Rahul‘s mother said, “I will be okay with the relationship, but I would still want to talk to Rahul once he is back. I like Disha.”

Lastly, Rahul‘s mother said that she feels his son deserves to win because he rose to this level without any support inside.

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(Source: Pinkvilla)

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