Tejasswi Prakash talks about constant media attention that she & Karan getting; Reacts to other ‘Bigg Boss’ couples relationship not lasting after the show

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Tejasswi Prakash Karan Kundrra

Bigg Boss 15 pair Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra is currently one of the most adored couples in the industry. The duo is ruling the hearts of millions of fans with their chemistry and romance. The two fallen in love with each other in the reality show and they confessed their feelings on national television. Tejasswi & Karan’s relationship was questioned by many during and after Bigg Boss while some people even called it fake. Well, the show ended few months back but Tejasswi-Karan’s relationship continues to go strong and deeper.

In a recent interaction with ETimes TV, Tejasswi who celebrated Gudi Padwa recently, said that her boyfriend Karan Kundrra’s presence in her life added more to the excitement. She quoted saying, “Karan is a part of my life now, and so, this Gudi Padwa was different and special as I have found the right guy… someone I was looking for.”

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Speaking about the constant media attention they are getting, Tejasswi says, “No, in fact, we love the attention. I am glad that people like us.” She added, “We feel extremely blessed to receive so much love from the people wherever we go. I don’t feel that our privacy is being compromised because our job is to connect with people and if we can establish that bond with viewers, why not? Yes, we don’t get time because of our work commitments and, at times, seek some moments together, but I don’t feel the constant glare is too much to handle.”

Further, Tejasswi reacted to other couples who found love in the show ‘Bigg Boss’ & not had lasting relationships. Tejasswi believes her and Karan’s bond is extremely strong. While they have been very vocal about their love for each other, they aren’t in a hurry to get married. The actress says, “Karan and I are focusing on our careers and are busy with it. We can’t think of marriage right now, but we definitely feel strongly for each other, and our bond will only grow stronger. Finally, we have found the kind of companion we wanted. I am not thinking of what happened to the other couples from Bigg Boss in the past.”

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