Karan Kundrra on TejRan’s comparison with Sidharth Shukla-Shehnaaz Gill; ‘SidNaaz has got Sidharth in it, out of respect to him, you should not compare’

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Karan Kundrra on TejRan comparison with Sidharth Shukla Shehnaaz Gill aka SidNaaz

Bigg Boss pair Sidharth Shukla-Shehnaaz Gill and Tejasswi Prakash-Karan Kundrra are most adored couples on television industry. These two pairs gained immense popularity post their stint in the controversial reality show. Sidharth-Shehnaaz knows as SidNaaz and were on season 13 of Bigg Boss while Tejasswi-Karan was in season 15 and is fondly called by fans as TejRan.

It is often said that TejRan has become the next SidNaaz when it comes to the popularity of Bigg Boss pairs. The popularity of these two couples is often compared on social media. Reacting to the constant comparison between SidNaaz and TejRan, Karan in a recent interview called it ‘stupid’. The Dance Deewane Junior host said after Sidharth’s sudden death last year, people should pay respect to him and not make such comparisons out of respect to the Broken But Beautiful 3 actor.

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In a recent conversation with News18, Karan quoted saying, “I think it’s very stupid to say such things. Sidnaaz has got Sidharth (Shukla) in it. You cannot and you should not, out of respect, you should not compare. Our lives are not about hashtags.”

In the same interview, Karan was asked if he is tired and bored of answering the marriage question. Karan agreed that he is bored, but not bothered, by the constant marriage questions. He stated, “I am but I understand where it comes from. I understand that a lot of people love us together and there are a lot. They want to see us together, they want this love story to culminate. I don’t think I can ever be bothered with this question. Bored? Yes, because everybody I meet, I come on sets and they are also like ‘Kab kar rahe ho?’ It is a very beautiful feeling because there are so many people who are genuinely attached to this love story.”

(Source: News18)

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