Imlie reunites with Rathore family, Malini learns about her daughter’s Truth, Will she snatch Cheeni from Imlie?

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Imlie reunites with rathore family, Malini to snatch cheeni from Imlie

The ongoing track of Sumbul Touqeer and Fahmaan Khan starrer Imlie revolves around Imlie returning to Rathore house to take Cheeni back to Pagdandiya. The lights goes in Rathore mansion and Imlie enters the house secretly. Imlie gets emotional seeing Narmada, Arpita and Sundar while Aryan looks for Cheeni whom Malini has hided in the store room.

Cheeni tries to escape from the store room just when Imlie arrives there and asks her how she reached here. She reveals Malini locked her in the room. Further, Imlie and Cheeni tries to escape from the house. They both covers themselves with a blanket and tries to leave while Malini and Neela screams thinking they’re thieves. Malini and Neela calls the security guards and they beats Imlie up not realizing who she is. Aryan comes there and stops the guards while Imlie comes out in front of family.

Narmada, Sundar and Arpita gets emotional seeing her. Imlie learns about Sundar and Arpita’s baby Jaggu and feels elated. Narmada and Arpita asks Imlie to stay at the Rathore mansion but she says that she has to leave for Pagdandiya.

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Malini then insults Imlie saying that has returned only because of money as she have nothing left. Cheeni gets angry and talks rudely with Malini. Imlie stops her from talking badly with Malini while Cheeni questions her why she cannot talk to Malini like this. Imlie was about to say that Malini is her mother but keeps mum.

As per reports, Malini will learns that Cheeni is her daughter whom she abandoned. Will she snatch Cheeni from Imlie? Will Imlie able to protect Cheeni from Malini?

The show produced by Gul Khan’s Four Lions Pvt Ltd. The show stars Rajshri Rani, Kiran Khoje, Meena Naithani, Jyoti Gauba, Indraneel Bhattacharya. Neetu Pandey, Vijay Kumar, Resham Prashant, Nilima Singh, Gaurav Mukesh among others.

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