Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Virat in dilemma as Pakhi threatens to kill herself after Sai decides to take away her son Vinayak, Will Pakhi die?

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Virat in dilemma as Pakhi threatens to kill herself after Sai decides to snatch her son Vinayak

Star Plus show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin is grabbing lot of attention with interesting twist and turns. The show features Ayesha SinghNeil Bhatt in lead. The current track revolves around Virat giving permission to Pulkit to take out Pakhi’s uterus and save her life which leaves Bhavani angry as now she will never get the heir of her family. Bhavani blames Sai for Pakhi’s condition and accuses her of playing foul in Pakhi’s surgery which makes Sai furious.

Sai lashes out at Bhavani for putting such serious allegations on her. She reprimands Bhavani for sending Pakhi on honeymoon when she was not even recovered properly which deteriorated her health more. Bhavani gets upset thinking about the heir as Sai and Pulkit performs Pakhi’s surgery and removes her uterus.

After surgery, Sai comes out and comforts Virat who feel dejected due to Pakhi’s condition. Sai asks Virat to stay strong as he have to take care of Pakhi. She also tells Virat that he, Pakhi and Vinayak are each other’s family now and no new member can be added to their family. Virat then tries to tell Sai that Vinu is their son not Pakhi’s but fails to say anything as Bhavani comes there. Bhavani lashes out at Sai for snatching her family’s happiness as now they will not get the heir of their family.

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Kaku even blames Sai for snatching away their son Vinayak and held her responsible for his death. Virat tries to stop Bhavani from saying hurtful things to Sai but she keeps cursing Sai while Sai defends herself. In order to stop Sai-Bhavani’s argument, Virat tells them that Vinayak is not dead but alive. This leaves Bhavani and Sai shocked, just when, Vinayak comes hospital and hugs Sai asking if they’re talking about him. Sai thinks Virat is talking about Vinayak, hence, she didn’t asks him anything further.

After a while, Pakhi gains consciousness and gets happy to see Vinayak alright. Later, Pakhi learns about her surgery and shatters learning that her uterus has been removes and she cannot become mother ever. Pakhi gets furious at Sai for removing her uterus and snatching the right from her of becoming mother. Virat tries to calm down Pakhi and tells that he gave permission to Pulkit and Sai for surgery just to save her life. The doctor gives Pakhi medicine to calm her down and she falls asleep.

Pakhi threatens to harm herself as Sai asks Virat to return her son

In the upcoming precap it can be seen Virat revealing Sai that their son, whom they thought they lost in the accident is alive and its none other than but Vinayak. Sai gets happy and hugs Vinayak while Pakhi wakes up and hears Virat’s conversation with Sai about Vinu. Pakhi feels happy and hugs Vinayak on learning that he is the same Vinu whom she gave birth. Sai gets angry seeing Pakhi taking away Vinayak. She tells Pakhi to not repeat the past mistake as because of her in past she was forced to leave the house and she lost her son.

Sai tells Virat that long ago he did not supported her due to which they all had to suffer but now he can make that wrong right by supporting her. She tells Virat that she wants her son Vinayak back. Pakhi refuses to leave Vinayak and threatens to kill herself if Virat tries to snatch Vinu from her. Before Virat can stop her, Pakhi runs out of the room and jumps from the balcony. She lies lifeless on the ground after falling from building.

Will Pakhi die? Is it Virat’s dream? Did Virat really revealed the truth about Vinu to Sai?

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, produced by Cockcrow Entertainment and Shaika Films. Its written by Leena Gangopadhyay and directed by Jaydeep Sen, Ranjeet Gupta and Ashwini Saraswat. Its a remake of Star Jalsha’s Bengali series Kusum Dola. The show features actors like Aishwarya Sharma, Kishori Shahane, Vihaan Verma, Bharti Patil, Sheetal Maulik, Mitaali Nag. Yash Pandit, Siddharth Bodke among others.

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