Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Sai demands her son Vinu back from Virat, Pakhi goes missing with Vinayak

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Sai demands her son Vinu back from Virat, Pakhi goes missing with Vinayak

Star Plus show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin is grabbing lot of attention with interesting storyline and lot of drama. The show stars Ayesha Singh and Neil Bhatt in lead. The ongoing track revolves around Sai bringing Karishma to her house and gets a hint that Virat is hiding the truth about her son Vinayak. Sai takes Jagtap’s help to find out the truth about her son. Other hand, Pakhi is upset with Virat after she saw him hugging Sai and Bhavani is angry at Karishma and wants her and Mohit’s divorce.

Amidst, Jagtap calls Sai telling her that he is unable to find out the truth as security is very tight at Orphanage. Sai gets a feeling that Vinu is alive and blames Virat for hiding the truth. Sai decides to get the truth out from Virat’s mouth.

Meanwhile, Savi talks to Vinu on video call and Vinayak sees Karishma sitting at Sai’s house. Omi gets shocked learning that Karishma is staying at Sai’s house and tells Bhavani about the same. Bhavani gets furious learning the truth and blames Sai for everything.

Later, Virat brings Mohit at Sai’s house to get him meet Karishma. Mohit gets shocked on learning about Karishma’s miscarriage and refuses to believe that she was pregnant with her child. Sai makes Mohit understand after which he believes Karishma and decides to give chance to their marriage.

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At the same time, Sai questions Virat why he have problem with her doing their dead son Vinayak’s Puniyatithi. Sai tries to get the truth out from Virat’s mouth but he keeps mum. Virat asks Sai to not do Vinu’s ‘puniyatithi’ as he cannot she her doing veneration of his alive son.

In the upcoming episode, Sai will get extremely furious and confronts Virat lashing out at him for hiding the truth about Vinayak being alive. Sai yells at Virat for lying to her for Pakhi’s sake even after knowing how much she was in pain after losing her son. She gives Virat 72 hours to tell his wife and family about Vinayak’s real identity that he is her son not Pakhi’s. Sai demands her son back from Virat saying she will not let Vinu stay with Pakhi. Later, Ashwini comes to Virat’s office and tells him that Pakhi and Vinayak are missing which shocks Virat.

Did Pakhi took Vinayak with her after learning truth?

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, produced by Cockcrow Entertainment and Shaika Films. Its written by Leena Gangopadhyay and directed by Jaydeep Sen, Ranjeet Gupta and Ashwini Saraswat. Its a remake of Star Jalsha’s Bengali series Kusum Dola. The show features actors like Aishwarya Sharma, Kishori Shahane, Vihaan Verma, Bharti Patil, Sheetal Maulik, Mitaali Nag. Yash Pandit, Siddharth Bodke among others.

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