Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya will choose Kavita Kaushik over Jasmin Bhasin as the new captain of the house

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Former Bigg Boss 14 captains – Aly Goni, Kavita Kaushik, Eijaz Khan and Jasmin Bhasin has been competing for the captaincy. During the task, all four has been asked to stay inside the square box. As the task continued, other housemates tried their best to ensure that the four captaincy hopefuls leave their boxes.

From spraying deodorants to throwing water, housemates tried every trick to make them out from the boxes and throw them out of captaincy race. Aly was the first contestant to come out of the box. He tried to ensure his BFF Jasmin Bhasin wins the task.

On the other hand, Eijaz eliminated his own representative Pavitra Punia after he felt Rahul Vaidya, who is Sanchalak of the task, had pre-decided the winner of the captaincy task.

Now, the captaincy battle is going on between Kavita and Jasmin. In the latest preview of the show, as it’s been almost 24 hours to the task, Bigg Boss has stopped the task and asked Rahul Vaidya to choose a winner among Kavita and Jasmin. And, while viewers were waiting to see whom he will choose as the new captain of the house, as per media reports Rahul has chosen Kavita over Jasmin as the new captain of the house.

A Twitter handle named as The Real Khabri who keeps giving updates of Bigg Boss 14 tweeted, “So #RahulVaidya Chose #KavitaKaushik as Captain of the house being the sanchalak What ur views??? reply now.”

Aly, Jasmin and Rahul had earlier decided that they will play and support each other in the task. Rahul even supported Jasmin in the task, but what made the singer to chose Kavita over Jasmin is still remain unanswered. Now, it will be interesting to see how Aly and Jasmin will react to Rahul‘s decision to make Kavita as the new captain of the house.

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(Source: Twitter, Bigg Boss 14)

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