Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni on people blaming him for spoiling Jasmin Bhasin’s game; ‘People are unable to accept that cute Jasmin can be strong’

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Yeh hai Mohabbatein actor Aly Goni, who entered the Bigg Boss 14 house as wild-card to support his best friend Jasmin Bhasin, had recently been evicted from Salman Khan‘s popular reality show. During his stay in BB 14, Aly Goni impressed everyone with his intelligent game and endearing personality.

While many people felt that he had the potential to win the controversial show, Aly decided to opt out when he was pitted against his BFF and only one of them could move ahead in the game. Though he received praises for his game, he was also blamed for spoiling Jasmin‘s game.

However, Aly in an recent interaction with Times Of India asserted that none of it is true. The actor feels that people couldn’t take the ‘cute’ Jasmin taking a stand for herself, which became a subject of debate inside as well as outside the house.

Speaking about the same, Goni quoted saying, “I don’t think I spoiled Jasmin’s game. People inside the house called her cute when she was talking to everyone nicely. They would even say that she doesn’t take a stand. Those very people started having issues with her when she began to give it back to them. I guess people are unable to accept that the cute Jasmin can be strong, too. I think she is playing really well and I am very proud of her.”

Aly‘s entry on the show has grabbed a lot of attention, especially when Jasmin became emotional on seeing him. Talking about that moment, Aly said, “The entry was dhamakedaar because the song they played is our favourite song. Jasmin started dancing as soon as she heard it. When I saw her for the first time inside the house, I thought that she looked physically weak, but she told me she was eating less. I was so happy seeing her in the house that it was the best moment of 2020 for me.”

The actor also shared that it was natural for Jasmin to feel motivated and confident after seeing her BFF inside the show. Aly says, “It’s obvious for anyone to get a confidence boost if their best friend joins them. The same thing happened with Jasmin. She became stronger and that is a good thing.”

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(Image Source: Aly Goni-Instagram)

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