Bigg Boss 13 Salman Khan Show: Paras Chhabra Takes Revenge From Shehnaz and Rashami After Getting Out From Immunity Task


bigg boss paras chhabra

Bigg Boss 13, Paras Chhabra takes ugly revenge from Rashami Desai and Shehnaz after he’s thrown out of the immunity task. The immunity task this week will see contestants crossing all limits to save themselves from getting nominated. This would eventually qualify them to be on the list of top few contestants.

In the latest preview of the show, it is shown that Rashami is the sanchalak of the task. Shehnaz makes a plan to get Paras and Mahira out of the race. Shehnaz calls Rashami and tells her to throw Mahira out of the game because her hands are out. Rashami notices this and tells Mahira the same.

She asks Rashami to disqualify them for putting their hands outside the igloos. Rashami does the same what Shehnaz tells her. Paras and Mahira argue against this but Bigg Boss interferes saying that final decision rests with the Sanchalak. Both Paras and Mahira are disqualified. Then, Mahira asks Shehnaz to be loyal to their friendship. Shehnaz says that there was no friendship to be loyal too.

Paras gets angry at this and stops the task by throwing all sorts of stuff inside Shehnaz‘s shell. Paras also gets upset with BB for favouring Rashami and Shehnaz over him. He tells everyone in the end that ‘dosti nahi hai toh ab dushmani nibha lo’. The result of the task will be aired in tonight’s episode.

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