Aly Goni decides to stay away from Twitter after toxic fans targeted his family; Says, “Bloody don’t you dare drag my family here”

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Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin is one of the most popular couple on social media. The couple enjoys huge fan following after they appeared on the controversial show Bigg Boss 14. Fans adores their pair a lot and fondly calls them #JasLy. Aly’s sister Ilham Goni is quite active on social media and popular among fans. Recently, things got ugly when fans dragged Ilham Goni into an argument. The user passed some sarcastic comments against her.

Aly did not liked these toxic fans getting abusive towards his family. The actor took his Twitter handle and called out the negative things toxic fans said about his sister Ilham Goni. He also mentioned that he’s taking a break from Twitter amid lot of negativity.

He tweeted, “Saw some accounts abusing my sister and saying negative things.. I use to ignore things.. but this is something I can’t ignore. Bloody don’t u dare drag my family here… I m so angry right now I might delete my account.. hell with this.”

In another tweet, Aly said, “I m going off Twitter for a while… lots of love to my people, peace out.”

Have a look at his tweets right here:

Meanwhile, Jasmin Bhasin told to her fans to not get affected by negativity and just relax. Aly‘s sister Ilham who was trolled was also unaffected by all of this. She said she would pray that toxic fans ‘get well soon’ and be ‘respectful’.

Jasmin‘s tweet reads, “I am neither blaming anyone nor misunderstanding anyone. Just requesting you all to stay positive and calm. When we don’t respond to toxicity, it dies itself. If you love me you’ll spread love , just love.”

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