Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Akshara-Abhimanyu consummates, Abhi shocked as Akshu meets with an accident

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Akshara-Abhimanyu consummates, Abhi shocked as Akshu meets with an accident

The current track of Harshad Chopda-Pranali Rathod starrer Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai revolves around Abhimanyu bring Neil-Aarohi back to Birla house due to Manjari. Akshara gets upset with Abhi’s decision while Abhimanyu explains her how Aarohi has been manipulating and brainwashing Neil against family. He tells Akshu that Aarohi is making Neil believe that the family doesn’t love him as he is step son that’s why he cannot leave Neil alone with Aarohi.

Meanwhile, Manjari asks Akshu to do the aarti of Aarohi and Neil but she denies and leaves from there. Mahima performs the aarti and welcomes Neil and Aarohi. Other hand, Manish asks Kairav to take the responsibility of Goenka business along with Vansh. Kairav feels stressed thinking about Manish’s health and taking over business while Mimi makes him understand.

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At Birla house, Abhimanyu-Akshara realizes that they’re fighting again only because of their families and decide to not escalate the fight. At the same time, Aarohi promises to support Mahima in all her plans after she gets entry in Birla house. Amidst, Abhi-Akshu fights in a cute way and they both gets romantic.

In the forthcoming episode, Akshara and Abhimanyu spends night together as they consummate. Next morning, Akshu tells Abhimanyu about a music competition and she leaves for the same. Later, Abhi gets Rohan’s call and he informs him about Akshara’s accident. Abhi gets shocked as he rushes to see Akshara.

Akshara cannot conceive a baby after accident

As per reports, Abhi will shocked to learn about Akshara’s health post accident. Abhimanyu gets shocked learning that Akshara is infertile and cannot conceive a baby. Abhimanyu will be heartbroken when he realizes that the accident has compromised Akshara’s ability to conceive. Abhi tries to understand how to reveal the news to Akshara as he doesn’t want her to be devastated. Other hand, Arohi finds out Abhimanyu’s secret and try to create problem.

YRKKH produced by Rajan Shahi under Director’s Kut Production. The show stars Karishma Sawant, Mayank Arora, Sharan Anandani, Ami Trivedi, Ashish Nayyar, Paras Priyadarshan. Pragati Mehra, Vinay Jain, Neeraj Goswami, Niharika Chouksey, Swati Chitnis, Sachin Tyagi, Ali Hassan and Niyati Joshi among others.

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