[VOTE NOW] Bigg Boss 14 POLL: Who will get Evicted from the house This week? Arshi, Eijaz Khan, Abhinav Shukla, Kashmera or Manu Punjabi

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Bigg Boss 14 nominated contestants Abhinav Shukla Eijaz Khan

In the beginning of this week, we witnessed nomination task inside the Bigg Boss 14 house. During the task, Rahul Mahajan had nominated Arshi, and Rubina calling her strong. Nikki tamboli nominated Kashmera this week due to her fight and also nominated Arshi. Rakhi Sawant nominated Arshi Khan along with Manu Punjabi.

On the other hand, Eijaz nominated Jasmin and Abhinav for eviction. Kashmera nominated Nikki and Abhinav, while Aly nominated Arshi and Eijaz for eviction. Abhinav nominated Eijaz and Kashmera. Jasmin nominated Arshi and Eijaz, while Manu nominated Aly calling him a competition, and also Arshi. Lastly, Arshi nominated Rahul Mahajan and Manu Punjabi for eviction.

Later, Bigg Boss announced the name of nominated contestants of this week – Arshi Khan, Eijaz Khan, Abhinav Shukla, Kashmera Shah, and Manu Punjabi.

Now, vote for the contestant below, who do you think will get evicted this week from BB 14 house.

Take the Poll here:

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Who will get Evicted from the house This week?
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