VOTE NOW! Bigg Boss 14 POLL: Rakhi Sawant VS Jasmin Bhasin – Whom are you supporting?

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In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 14, we saw massive clash between Jasmin Bhasin and Rakhi Sawant. From the starting of the previous week to the weekend, the two seen arguing with each other, calling out names, passing derogatory remarks on one another.

Earlier, in the beginning of the week, Jasmin got into physical fight with Rakhi Sawant during captaincy task. She injured Rakhi Rawant‘s nose by putting the duck face mask on her head furiously. Jasmin did not stopped here, after hurting Rakhi she was seen laughing, teasing and poking fun at her.

Later also, Jasmin along with Nikki was seen poking fun at Rakhi while she was washing dishes. They poked fun at Sawant‘s broken nose and cosmetic surgery. Rakhi also gave befitting replies to them. The entire week, Rakhi Sawant was the major highlight of the show, from fights to tasks, she grabbed lot of attention with her antics. Host Salman Khan even praised Rakhi saying that she has run the show this entire week.

On Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan slammed Jasmin Bhasin for her bad behaviour with Rakhi Sawant. He even told her that she is looking really bad on screen. However, people have their different opinions on Rakhi and Jasmin Bhasin‘s tussle, some lashes out at Jasmin for her behaviour while some supported her. What do you guys think about Rakhi Sawant and Jasmin Bhasin‘s clash and who was wrong according to you tell us in comment section. Whom your are supporting Jasmin Bhasin or Rakhi Sawant?

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Whom your are supporting in Bigg Boss 14?
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