Udaariyaan: Fateh-Tejo’s journey ends as the duo dies in car crash, Nehmat, Ekam and Naaz’s love triangle begins

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Udaariyaan Fateh Tejo dies in car crash, Nehmat Naaz Ekam love triangle begins

Colors TV show Udaariyaan heading for generation leap of 16 years post which the lead pair Ankit GuptaPriyanka Chahar Choudhary aka Fateh-Tejo will leave the show. The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will witness shocking twist as Fateh-Tejo dies in car accident. The current track revolves around Nehmant wanting Fateh and Tejo’s remarriage and she convinces both family for FaTejo’s grand wedding. Other hand, Naaz is jealous of everything that Nehmat have and she wants that for herself.

Ahead of their wedding ceremony, Fateh and Tejo decides to adopt Naaz and give her Virk family’s name. Tejo and Fateh tells Nehmat that they want her and Naaz to live like sisters forever. The duo fears that Nehmat will disagree with their decision but surprisingly Nehmat gets happy with their decision of adopting Naaz. Fateh and Tejo decides to hide this from family and inform them about their decision after marriage.

At Sandhu’s house, Virk family comes inviting whole family for Fatejo’s marriage and Naaz gets jealous of Nehmat getting all the attention. At Virk house, Nehmat records all the precious moments of the wedding preparations in her camera while Tejo takes Naaz to try her dress. While Nehmat goes to invite her bestie Malika for wedding, Naaz tries her dress but she likes Nehmat’s dress more and wears that.

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Later, Naaz sees a letter in Tejo’s locker and gets shocked reading it that Jasmine has left her forever. Naaz starts crying while Tejo comes there and gets shocked seeing that Naaz learned the truth. Tejo consoles Naaz and tell her that everyone will love her like Nehmat. Naaz gets happy as her dream of getting love like Nehmat will fulfilled.

Next morning, both families celebrates Fateh-Tejo’s Haldi ceremony. Nehmat records everything from Fatejo’s haldi to their dance on the “Mehndi Lagake Rakhna” song. After a while, a plate falls from Gurpreet’s hand and she gets worried at the bad omen and prays to god.

Furthermore, the family members enter the wedding venue in filmy style and Nehmat interviews everyone present at the function. Malika and Ekam also comes to the function and greets Nehmat and Naaz. Malika teases Ekam for falling in love one day while Nehmat and Ekam start their cute argument again.

Fateh-Tejo dies in car accident after marriage

Before wedding, Fateh meets Tejo secretly while she hides her face in dupatta and both promises each other to stay together till their last breath. After that, Fateh and Tejo comes to Mandap and takes ‘7 vows’ and gets married with following all the rituals with the blessing of both families.

In the upcoming episode we will see Fateh and Tejo returning from wedding ceremony in their car where the two meets with an deadly accident. Nehmat, Naaz and whole family shatters learning about Fateh and Tejo’s car crash. Fateh and Tejo dies in the accident and new chapter of Udaariyaan begins from there.

The latest promo shows Nahmat going to the gurudwara where someone steals her shoes. Ekam gives his shoes to Nehmat and says that she is stubborn, fastidious but he likes her very much. At the same time, Naaz sees both of them together and get irk. Naaz breaks a glass bottle and hurts her leg with broken glass saying she want everything that Nehmat has. Ekam sees Naaz’s leg injured and picks her on his arms leaving Nehmat sad.

Udaariyaan started in March 2021, produced by actors Ravi DubeySargun Mehta under their production banner Dreamiyata Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. & Devirosh Films. The show stars Isha Malviya, Chetna Singh, Virsa Singh Riar, Abhishek Kumar, Ram Aujla, Rashmeet Kaur Sethi, Abhiraaj Chawla & others.

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