Udaariyaan: Fateh REVEALS Tanya-Tejo’s Truth to family; Furious Jasmine stabs Tejo with knife?

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Colors TV show Udaariyaan starring Ankit Gupta, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Isha Malviya in pivotal roles, has been making lot of headlines with it’s interesting twists. The ongoing track of the show revolves around Fateh and Tejo’s emotional reunion while Jasmine is shocked to learn that Tejo is alive. Jasmine kidnaps Tanya and hides her in a room but fails to meet Tejo as Fateh takes Tejo home.

Jassu is furious to know that Fateh and Tejo finally met each other and he took Tejo home. Jasmine rushes to reach home while Fateh takes Tejo inside Sandhu house. Tejo has lost her memory and only remembers Fateh. Seeing the Sandhu house, Tejo gets flashbacks and she faints while trying to recall things. Fateh catches her and lays her down on sofa unconscious.

Meanwhile, Tejo’s father and other family members arrives and gets shocked seeing Tejo’s condition. Fateh reveals them that the girl who was staying with them ever since they returned from London was Tanya not Tejo. Family gets shocked and doesn’t believes but Fateh reveals how they met Tanya in London and later she revealed her identity.

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Fateh tells that he asked Tanya to become Tejo in front the family and Jasmine taught Tejo’s lifestyle to Tanya. Rupy realizes how he couldn’t connect with the supposed Tejo (Tanya) and informs the family after which they agrees that the girl was not Tejo. Family recalls how Tanya’s behaviour was different from Tejo but they couldn’t realize it.

Just then, Tejo takes Fateh’s name in her unconscious state and he informs family that Tejo doesn’t remembers anyone except his name. He tells family to not use fire things whenever Tejo is around and don’t use ‘Behan’ (sister) word in front of her as she hates that. At the same time, Jasmine enters the house filled in anger.

In the upcoming episode, Jasmine will stabs Tejo with a knife in rage while family stand shocked. Well, it might be Jasmine’s dream but it will be interesting to watch how Tejo will react seeing Jasmine.

Udaariyaan, produced by Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta under their production banner Dreamiyata Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. & Devirosh Films. The show also stars Chetna Singh, Virsa Singh Riar, Abhishek Kumar, Ram Aujla, Rashmeet Kaur Sethi, Abhiraaj Chawla among others.

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