Fateh wants Jasmine to give birth to the child at Virk house, Is he planning to adopt Amrik’s baby?

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Udaariyaan Fateh wants Jasmine to give birth to Amrik's child in Virk house

The current track of Colors show Udaariyaan revolves around Jasmine (Isha Malviya), who fakes tears to convince Tejo (Priyanka Choudhary) that she’s innocent. She tells Tejo that Fateh’s (Ankit Gupta) accusations against her that she was involved with Angad in her fire accident is false. Tejo calms down Jasmine and says that she will talk to Fateh to not doubt her. Further, Tejo talks to Fateh and tells him that she feels guilty as Jasmine and her baby are without Amrik because of her.

Tejo then takes a promise from him that he will not talk rudely with Jasmine. Fateh tries to tell Tejo that Jasmine is manipulating her but fails and realizes that Jasmine has already brainwashed her. However, for her happiness, Fateh makes a promise to Tejo that he will not be rude with her sister Jasmine. Fateh also takes a promise from Tejo that she will not let others take advantage of her emotions.

Later on, Tejo and Fateh goes to the hospital for Tejo’s check-up where they get biggest shock of their life as doctor reveals that Tejo can never get pregnant. Tejo and Fateh both left shocked hearing this news and Tejo breaks down thinking that she cannot become mother. Fateh tries to console her while Tejo decides to leave him as she doesn’t want to ruin his life. Fateh stops her from thinking all this and says he needs only his Tejo and nothing else.

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The upcoming track will witness huge drama as Gurpreet learns that Tejo cannot become mother and breaks down hearing this news. Later, Fateh meets Jasmine and tells her that he has a deal for her. Jasmine asks him about the deal and Fateh tells her that he wants her to give birth to Amrik’s baby at Virk house.

Jasmine gets shocked hearing Fateh’s condition. Other hand, Simmi’s ex-lover keeps an eye on Candy and roams around Virk house with bad intentions. Will Jasmine accept Fateh’s condition? Is Fateh planning to adopt Amrik’s child? Will Candy’s father create new trouble for Virk family?

Udaariyaan, produced by Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta under their production banner Dreamiyata Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. & Devirosh Films. The show stars Isha Malviya, Chetna Singh, Virsa Singh Riar, Abhishek Kumar, Ram Aujla, Rashmeet Kaur Sethi, Abhiraaj Chawla & others.

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