Sushant Singh Rajput Case: The Forensic Team of Experts Did Not collected the Finger Swabs and Nail Clippings During Late Actor’s Autopsy

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Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput found dead in his Bandra residence on 14 June 2020. Now, as per the latest reports in Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death case, the forensic team of experts may not have allegedly collected the finger swabs and nail clippings during the late actor’s autopsy.

Repotedly, Mumbai Police said that a team of forensic experts was sent to Sushant Singh Rajput‘s apartment post his demise to collect evidence from the house.

Now, according to the reports in Mid-Day, a forensic surgeon, on the condition of anonymity, has reportedly revealed that the forensic surgeons who had done the autopsy on Sushant may not have collected the crucial finger swabs and nail clippings. As per reports, the important pieces of evidence may not have been collected by the team of forensic experts during the autopsy at Cooper hospital on June 14. The forensic surgeon from a city medical college told the daily that these finger swabs could have helped to get clarity about foul play.

Forensic surgeon quoted saying, “This swab could have indicated if dust particles from the ceiling fan were present on Sushant‘s fingers. This would have cleared the ambiguity over foul play. The dust particles would have been on the cloth used for hanging, on the ceiling fan and fingertips. Type of dust particles on all would have offered a clue. Even if the fingertips did not have dust, the cloth and fan would surely have had.”

The report further stated that the team that conducted the autopsy on Sushant included one surgeon from the post mortem center who was working under police surgeon Dr SM Patil and 4 surgeons from the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, HBT Medical College and Dr R N Cooper Municipal Hospital.

As pr reports in Mid-Day, it also said that no fingerprint expert was present with the forensic team of experts on June 16, when they went over to Sushant‘s apartment to collect evidence. Further, it is reported that the ‘police surgeon, who is also the medico-legal advisor to the state, also was not contacted by the investigating police team for forensic advice.’

The forensic surgeon told Mid-Day, “The forensic surgeons/scientists could have asked to take specific fingerprints, which a fingerprint expert may miss out on as every crime scene is different. An analysis of the same by a forensic surgeon and forensic scientist usually helps gather more evidence.”

Dr SM Patil, under whom the post mortem forensic surgeon was working, told Mid-Day that the work in a week is divided between the HBT Medical College’s Department of Forensic Medicine and the post mortem center. The doctor said, “On the day Sushant‘s autopsy was conducted, it was the HBT team’s turn to be on duty and the doctor at the postmortem center at Cooper hospital was asked to join.”

However, the autopsy report that was revealed by the police had ruled out the chances of foul play. Also, the viscera report of Sushant was found negative for any drugs or intoxicants.

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(Source: Mid-day, Pinkvilla)

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