Sunil Grover gives a Anti-Cancer Message with This Hard-Hitting video; Reveals Hazardous Chemicals used to make a Cigarette-Watch

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Comedian-actor Sunil Grover shares a hard-hitting video where he can be seen cooking up a cigarette in his kitchen, adding some harmful chemicals and ingredients to make it. Sunil Grover has come up with this innovative idea to spread awareness among people to quit smoking. The comedian has shared this short video on his social media handle in which he can be seen in a chef’s avatar.

The video made in association with Indian Cancer Society to promote the anti-tobacco campaign. In the video, Sunil seen cooking up a special recipe. He first put cadmium on a frying pan in the form of pencil batteries. Then acetone in the form of nail-paint. He add candle wax and ammonia by pouring toilet cleaner on the pan. He also add poison and insecticide spray on the pan to garnish his dish with nicotine. Sunil then presents his dish a cigarette in a plate and urges everyone to stay away from cigarettes and tobacco.

Take a look at his Video:

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