Sumbul Touqeer-Fahmaan Khan starrer Imlie set to go off-air & return with it’s new season?

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Fahmaan Khan Sumbul Touqeer show Imlie to go off air and return with new season

Star Plus show Imlie is one of the most loved and successful show on television right now. It stars Fahmaan Khan and Sumbul Touqeer Khan in lead and has been doing well on the TRPs charts since start. The audience adores the chemistry between Aryan and Imlie in the show and fondly calls them #AryLie. While show ‘Imlie’ is doing great and receiving immense love from viewers, the reports about Fahmaan-Sumbul’ starrer going off air has left fans sad.

As per TellyChakkar reports, Fahmaan Khan-Sumbul Touqeer starrer Imlie might go off air soon. Now, the latest reports suggest that Imlie will come with its second season where we will see Cheeni all grown up as Imlie 2. The new season will focus on Imlie’s daughter.

The ongoing track of the show revolves around Aryan learning the truth that Imlie is innocent and Girish is the culprit. He apologizes to Imlie and decides to leave Pagdandiya and go back Delhi. Other hand, Imlie’s mother tells Aryan-Imlie’s marriage truth to Cheeni. Cheeni promises Meethi that she will bring them together no matter what. And if anyone tries to separate them then she will not spare the person.

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Reportedly, in the forthcoming episode, Imlie finds Cheeni missing from village while Cheeni hides in Aryan’s car as he drives back to Delhi. Imlie will follow Cheeni to Delhi and now she will have to stay in Rathore’s house. Imlie will be heartbroken seeing the state of Bhasker Times. She plays reverse psychology to motivate Aryan to handle the business again, just like he used to do for her. Other hand, Malini will send Imlie on a dangerous sting operation where her life fall under major threat.

The show produced by Gul Khan’s Four Lions Pvt Ltd. The show stars Rajshri Rani, Kiran Khoje, Meena Naithani, Jyoti Gauba, Indraneel Bhattacharya. Neetu Pandey, Vijay Kumar, Resham Prashant, Nilima Singh, Gaurav Mukesh among others.

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