Sonu Sood Opens Up why he walked out of Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika

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sonu sood reveals why he walked out of Kangana Ranaut film Manikarnika
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Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who is currently making lot of headlines for helping poor migrants, had now opened up on why he walked out of Kangana Ranaut’s film Manikarnika. Sonu has known Kangana Ranaut since her first film and they are good friends.

They both were supposed to share the screen space in Manikarnika, however, Sonu Sood had walked out of the project. He never really spoke about the reason behind walking out of this film. However, he recently spoke in detail about it to Barkha Dutt in a virtual conversation. Despite being friends, Sonu was not comfortable in doing what he was being asked of and chose to walk away.

Speaking on walking out of Manikarnika, Sonu said, “Kangana is a friend of mine from many years, and I don’t want to hurt her sentiments. But to talk about it, I will say that when we had shot for major portions of Manikarnika. I asked my director that we need to start shooting again and he said that he received an email saying that he is not going to be a part of the project anymore. So, I spoke to Kangana and asked her what’s the scene and she said that she wants to direct the film and wants me to support her.”

He adds, “I said okay but we need to get him back on the set because he has worked really hard for the film but she denied saying that she wanted to continue directing. Then I asked her to send across rushes from the film and I saw that 80% of my scenes were chopped off and the scenes that I was narrated were not there. I spoke to Kangana again and she confessed as a friend that she wanted this to be shot in a certain way. So I told her that she is a great friend of mine but I’m not comfortable in shooting what she is asking me to do, I said an okay to the previous script and director but I would like to walk out of this project and I won’t even speak about it. I felt bad because I had given the film four months and had left a few projects.”

When asked what he has to say about Kangana Ranaut saying that Sonu Sood had an issue of working under women. He said, “After reading that, Farah Khan called me and said that people will start questioning my gender (politics) if you say things like that because I had done Happy New Year with her. But, I don’t really care about it. I respect her and she is a good friend so the statements said were baseless.”

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