Sidharth Shukla once again ruling the Twitter trend list as the new year begins; Fans trends “We Love You Sidharth”

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Sidharth Shukla

As the New Year 2021 begin, Bigg Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla once again started ruling the Twitter trend list. The actor enjoys massive fan following on social media after his stint in the controversial reality show.

Sidharth has a huge fanbase called SidHearts. The actor has ruled the every social media platform in year 2020, his name has always seen on twitter trend list. From trending his name on twitter to hyping his projects, Sidharth‘s fans never leaves a chance to show their love and support to him.

As the New year 2021 has begin, Sidharth Shukla once again ruling the Twitter trend list like a ‘KING’. His fans are trending “We Love You Sidharth” on Twitter showing their love and support to him. They are trending at No. 1 position on Twitter trend list.

A fan tweeted, “The whole Twitter knows now No 1 position of Twitter India Trendlist is specially meant for @sidharth_shukla ! Whenever he trends even just a small activity he is in No 1 spot like it is his permanent place in Trend list! Just #SidharthShukla things, We Love You Sidharth.”

Another one wrote, “That’s the power of SidHearts… Together we can do more than enough.. better to focus on @sidharth_shukla only, don’t pay attention to haters.. give them reply by trending within seconds like this… SidHearts are great… We Love you Sidharth.”

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((Image Source: Instagram-SidharthShukla)

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