“SIDHARTH ASHOK SHUKLA” trends on Twitter as fans sends love and positivity to him after he wrote an emotional note remembering his Father

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Sidharth Shukla remembers his father Ashok Shukla

Today morning, Bigg Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla wrote an emotional note remembering his late father Ashok Shukla on his death anniversary. Sidharth‘s emotional tweet about his father caused his fans to worry about him and many commented on his post to make him feel better.

In his tweet, Sidharth had written, “Sometimes I wish I could erase this day from the calendar ….. but what does one do of the memories …!.”

Now, Sidharth‘s fans are sending him lots of love and positivity by trending “SIDHARTH ASHOK SHUKLA” on Twitter. Sending him positive vibes, a fan tweeted, “How I wish to give @sidharth_shukla and Rita aunty a tight hug… but one thing I surely can do is give blessings to both of you…God pls always protect and give happiness to these good human beings SIDHARTH ASHOK SHUKLA.”

Another one wrote, “You are loved by millions today & wish it continues to stay the same. Seeing this from above, Dad is going to be super proud of u! @sidharth_shukla⁩ This unconditional love & support will never lessen whatsoever! Sending u lots of hugs & good vibes SIDHARTH ASHOK SHUKLA.”

One user wrote, “SIDHARTH ASHOK SHUKLA there’s no one else like you. And it’s the product of the lessons and experiences that you’ve shared with your mom and Dad! Both Rita Aunty and Ashok Uncle Star are proud of you through and through! @sidharth_shukla#SidharthShukla.”

Have a look at the tweets by fans:

For those who don’t know, Sidharth Shukla lost his father when he was 25-year-old. After winning Bigg Boss 13 trophy, Sidharth talked about his father’s death and said in an statement, “When dad passed away 15 years ago, it felt like the umbrella over us had been taken away. But my mom was our rock–she never showed any signs of vulnerability. Despite our poor finances, she ran the house, looked after 3 kids & fulfilled all our demands! I know now that she must’ve had to sacrifice so much to give us what we wanted.

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(Image Source: Instagram-Sidharth Shukla video snap)

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