Shehnaaz Gill Fans ‘Shehnaazians’ Hits 1 Million posts on IG; Trends #Shehnaazians1MPostsOnIG on Twitter celebrating the achievement

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Shehnaaz Gill

Bigg Boss 13 fame Shehnaaz Gill, the name need no introduction, the actress is ruling the hearts of millions of fans. Shehnaaz‘s popularity has touched new heights after her stint in the controversial reality show.

The singer-actress enjoys massive fan following on social media. She has a huge fandom called, ‘Shehnaazians‘. From Twitter trends to hyping Shehnaaz‘s projects or any other other activity, Shehnaazians leaves no stone unturned to make the actress proud. Shehnaaz also loves her fans a lot and always acknowledges their efforts.

Today, Shehnaaz‘s fans has achieved another milestone as #Shehnaazians hashtag on Instagram has officially crossed 1 million posts created by fans and supporters on the social media platform. Fans are celebrating this achievement by trending #Shehnaazians1MPostsOnIG on Twitter.

A fan tweeted, “More than us it’s @ishehnaaz_gill who wud b Emotional and proud of her fam’s Achievement right now. She wud b so happy to see how so many celebs n renowned media houses have appreciated us n used our Hashtags so often on Different Social media platforms. #Shehnaazians1MPostsOnIG.”

Another one wrote, “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. Once Again Congratulations To Our Entire fandom and @ishehnaaz_gill for completed 1M posts on Shehnaazians hashtag on IG #Shehnaazians1MPostsOnIG.”

Have a look at the tweets by fans:

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(Image Source: Instagram-Shehnaaz Gill)

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