Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani actor Karanvir Sharma Opens up on Shaurya & Anokhi’s equation on screen; Also talks about his journey as an actor

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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Karanvir Sharma

Actors Karanvir Sharma and Debattama Saha starrer Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani produced under DJ’s a Creative Unit, is one of the most loved show on television. Karanvir & Debattama Aka Shaurya and Anokhi is ruling the hearts of viewers with their sizzling chemistry. Fans fondly calls the the duo Shakhi (amalgamation of their On-screen name Shaurya and Anokhi).

Now, in an interaction with India Forums, Karanvir spoke about Shakhi‘s equation in the show, his journey as an actor and more. Talking about Shakhi‘s bond in the show, the Zid actor said, “The equation is one of the most important things for me to pick the show that it is such a passionate story and it is very exciting to see. We recently shot a beautiful song sequence and it has come out really well. It is under the rain and the essence of first rains, it is really beautiful. They are going to see a beautiful romantic side, the cute knok-jhok, and I really find it interesting, and it comes across as very real also, doesn’t look very televised. It is going to be huge moving up because a lot of emotions attached and there’s a magnum opus moment coming up, something I cannot tell us about. You can expect romance, jealousy, and a huge change for the two.”

When he was asked if he could change something in his journey what would it be, Karanvir replied, “I would have picked up television much earlier if I go back to change things because there has been this whole dilemma. That would have been one thing because the love you get on television is unparalleled. I’ve heard the dejectory of quite a lot of films, but the kind of love I have got for television, it has been really nice, it makes you more down to earth and humble, I think that’s what I take from it. Earlier, casting people used to advise that if you do TV, you’ll become a television actor, but I continue acting the same way as digital and web.”

When asked how do he work the character of Shaurya out, what goes into the scenes? the actor said, “I feel that the bigger nuances sometimes come internally for me, and even I am surprised often, at how that happens. There was this sequence with sindoor where Anokhi is supposed to speak and she is behaving like Shaurya, and it is very surprising for the audience. It was surprising for me also, the way Debottama has added and somewhere I took that emotion from the artists, and it was not the sequence and it was not written, I was just supposed to explain but something happened and I started crying and I could not control myself, and sometimes, it just happens, because you don’t decide, but the situation decides for you and that’s the beauty of it. There have been many instances when the dialogues are something else and we end up saying something, and people like it, so I think that is the most authentic time that I have been Shaurya.”

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