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Salman Khan SLAMS people who Violated Lockdown Guidelines and Risked everyone’s life in Covid-19 situation


Bollywood superstar Salman Khan recently slammed all the violators who tried to break the rules during lockdown. Angry Salman Khan questioned people who pelted stones on medical staff.

Indian government is taking all the major steps to curb the spread of novel Coronavirus. Many Bollywood celebrities and Big personalities across the country are urging people to Stay at Home and Stay Safe. The lockdown in India and several other regions in the world has been imposed for the safety of people. However, some people are not taking the lockdown guidelines seriously and violating rules.

Now, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has shared an important video message on his social media handle. Salman is seen telling the importance of following the lockdown and what can be the consequences if it is not followed seriously. Like other Bollywood celebs, Salman Khan is also seen regularly spreading awareness about coronavirus.

In a recent video shared on his Instagram handle, Salman also slammed people who are stepping out of their houses in this Covid-19 situation. Putting their families and everyone at the risk of coronavirus.

Take a Look at the video message by Salman Khan:

In the above video Salman spoke about following the lockdown guidelines to maintaining social distancing and going under self-isolation. Salman is currently at his Panvel farmhouse, with his mother Salma and other family members. The actor is following the rules and regulations during this lockdown period. He talks about people who are disobeying the rules and that has further affected the lives of many other people around them.

The actor has spoken about Not to treat people ill who have being tested positive for coronavirus. He also talked about how the police and medical staff is working hard to fight coronavirus. How they are ensuring the safety of each and every citizen in this country.

At the end of the video, Salman highlighted the situation of China which is currently under control and getting better. But in India how it is getting worse as some are not taking the lockdown guidelines seriously.

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