Rakhi Sawant Says Shehnaz Gill is ‘Rakhi Sawant’ of Punjab

rakhi shehnaz gill

Rakhi Sawant says Shehnaz Gill is ‘Rakhi Sawant‘ of Punjab, lashes out at Shehnaz Gill‘s father after his Unsavoury comments on her. She was upset and angry over Shehnaz Gill‘s father’s statements about her.

Rakhi Sawant was quiet all this while after Shehnaz Gill‘s father Santokh Singh made an unsavoury comment. Shehnaz‘s father said, “Instead of building an image of Sana that is close to Katrina Kaif, they are trying to build an image of hers like Rakhi Sawant‘s”.

Rakhi, of course was upset and angry about the same. After a long silence, Rakhi Sawant has finally spoken to the media about the same.

In an Interview Rakhi said “Santokh Singh, let me tell your daughter Shehnaz is following in my footsteps. She is the Rakhi Sawant of Punjab. How can you equate her to Katrina Kaif? She just can’t be Katrina.”

She also said, “Also, you need to take my name with respect. I have worked very hard to reach wherever I have”. She added, “I have done films for Priyadarshan, Yash Raj, Rakesh Roshan and many other reputed producers. I have never been backed by parents like Shehnaz. And, by the way, you are trying to eat through Shehnaz‘s earnings.”

Santok Singh‘s comment clearly upset the actress and she finally decided to speak for herself.

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