Paras Chhabra Opens Up on his argument with Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 13; Says, lot of People told him that his career was over after his altercation with Superstar

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Bigg Boss 13 fame Paras Chhabra opens up about his argument with Superstar Host Salman Khan during an Weekend Ka Vaar episodes. The actor reveals that many people had told him that his career will get over after his altercation with Salman. In an interaction with Times if India, Paras has recalled his altercation with Salman and reveals how his fellow contestants would ask him to keep quiet.

Paras quoted saying, “Honestly, I am not scared of anyone. If I would be scared of anyone I would have never tried to explain my point to Salman Khan sir. Because we always get to hear if you fight with Salman sir your career is over. If you watch the episode carefully everyone was trying to tell me to keep quiet and not argue. But my point was when I have done nothing wrong in my life why will I be scared of anyone and it doesn’t matter to me who is standing in front of me. I will always try to prove my point when I am not wrong. If I am wrong I will quietly listen to you but when I am not wrong I will try to correct you and explain you the facts. Why will I say sorry If I have not done anything wrong? Just because someone has come forward and said a few things about me that doesn’t mean that person is right.”

He added, “And when Salman Khan sir is saying the entire country is watching and they will believe it. I consider him as my elder brother why can’t I fight with my brother and tell him to hear my side also. He shouted at me so that he is like a brother, he can do that, but I did not give up and in the end, he understood I was not wrong. After that, he spoke to me nicely and till the end, he was good to me. During the after-party also he was very nice to me. And he is Salman Khan. Why will he care about anyone’s issue? But it is a reality show sometimes things get exaggerated. It was not a fight, it was a simple talk between two brothers, or you can say a mentor and his chela. I am not scared of anyone except my God.”

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