Paranormal expert Steve Huff Is BACK with Part 3 of his conversation with Sushant Singh Rajput’s spirit

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paranormal expert steve huff conversation with Sushant singh rajput spirit part 3

Paranormal expert Steve Huff who claims to have spoken with Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput‘s alleged spirit is back with his new conversation. Steve Huff has invented a machine (Spirit box) through which he speaks to dead people.

Huff has been doing this for 10 years. Recently, Steve Huff shared a video on his YouTube channel, which goes by the name Huff Paranormal.

During his first session with Sushant‘s spirit, Huff revealed that he had never heard about Sushant. But he did a session as he was continuously getting requests from late actor’s fans. SSR‘s fans think that the actor was allegedly murdered and didn’t die due to suicide. Steve attempted to talk to Sushant‘s spirit and tried to get some details as to what exactly happened during the night he died. After a huge response to his first two session with Sushant‘s spirit, Huff has now come up with it’s third part.

The video starts with Steve Huff and his partner Debby, whose name Sushant‘s alleged spirit had mentioned during their second session, gearing up to talk the late actor’s alleged soul.

When Steve asked Sushant‘s alleged spirit if he wants to say anything about his death, Sushant‘s alleged spirit claims, “You know there’s a light.”

Steve Huff then mentions how all his fans think Sushant was murdered; in fact, they were sure, to which, the alleged spirit says, “the neck.”

The alleged spirit of Sushant was also asked if he was along, to which his response was unclear. Fans, however, assumed he said, “4 people”.

As Steve asks Sushant‘s alleged spirit to give a message to his fans, he says, “You talk to me when I’m dead. I’m open to you.” He adds, “They are so protected, you know,” followed by a laugh.” His fans assume that Sushant‘s alleged spirit is talking about his culprits.

During the session, Sushant‘s alleged spirit also reveals that his mother is around and he has ‘got wings’ up there.

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(Source: SpotboyE, YouTube – Huff Paranormal)

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