Nikki Tamboli says she has never faced Casting couch despite facing Rejections; Also reveals getting web series and movie offers

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Nikki Tamboli

South actress Nikki Tamboli has become a household name with her amazing stint in the reality show Bigg Boss 14. The actress was one of the strongest contestant on the show, and her unique and outspoken personality grabbed lot of attention. She has gained immense popularity and enjoys massive fan following on social media after the reality show.

Now, in a recent interview with ETimes, the actress has spoke about her struggle in the entertainment industry. She revealed that while she did have a tough struggle period, she never faced any casting couch experience.

Nikki said that she too faced failures and rejections, but she never took any other route, and instead she took rejections in a positive stride. When she was asked if anyone ever made an ‘indecent proposal’ to her, Nikki said, “No, never. I did not face any casting couch. Despite facing rejections, I did not give in or take any other route. I was always open to face rejections. I took it in a positive stride.”

The actress also spoke about her initial days of struggle, Nikki said that her mother would give her 50 rupees as pocket money every day, and she would travel by train from Dombivli to Andheri for her auditions. She spoke about facing rejections almost every day for the first two years.

When she was asked if the current situation hamper the projects that she were doing. To which, Nikki revealed that her few projects had to be put on hold because of the COVID-19 situation in Maharashtra. She also revealed about getting web series and movies offers. The actress said, “Yes, few of my projects had to be put on hold because of the COVID-19 situation in Maharashtra. Also, I don’t have dates to give to other projects. I am getting a lot of web series, movie offers but I have allotted my dates to a project and I can’t disclose that right now. I will soon announce the project for which I have given my dates. I can’t reveal it right now. It is a very exciting news. Touchwood! By God’s grace I have work but I can’t talk about it right now. All the things that I wanted to happen to me after Bigg Boss especially work wise all that is happening and I am very happy.”

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