Naagin 6: Shakti dies but vows to get Pratha in next birth, #PraRish reunites, Shesh Naagin’s BIGGEST enemy alive, Pratha unaware of her real daughter

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Naagin 6 Shakti dies Rishabh-Pratha reunion. Shesh Naagin biggest enemy alive

Colors TV’s Naagin 6 starring Tejasswi Prakash and Simba Nagpal in lead, has been keeping the viewers hooked with interesting twists and massive drama. The latest episode saw Pratha snatching her baby from Shakti, who tries to kill the child. She gives the baby to the professor while Shakti and Rishabh gets into massive fight. Rishabh refuses to kill Shakti as he is his brother while Shakti stabs him and he falls down. Pratha stands shocked while Shakti tells her that she is his and Rishabh has no right on her. He asks her to come with him but Pratha becomes Shesh Naagin and attacks Shakti.

She hits Shakti and tries to wake Rishabh. Just then, Shakti gets up and tells Pratha that in next birth she will be his and he stabs himself. Rishabh tries to save Shakti but fails and before falling into the cliff, Shakti tells Rishabh to live in guilt.

Later, Pratha visits the temple with her daughter and introduces her to Farishta asking him to give blessings to her daughter Anmol. Pratha decides to live a normal life and wants her daughter also to not become Naagin. Rishabh welcomes Pratha and his daughter at Gujral house.

Further, Pratha meets Rajesh’s Aunty and urges her to stay with them. Aunty then goes to meet Rajesh at jai. Rajesh tells Aunty that he did not murder his wife but she did and accused him. Rajesh lashes out at Aunty for killing his wife while she laughs remembering how she killed her. Aunty informs Rajesh that she is here for Pratha as her enemy has asked her to take her daughter away from her.

Sudha Chandran aka Paatali back, Pratha’s daughter Prathna to become Shesh Naagin

Later, Aunty goes to meet Pratha’s biggest enemy Pataali (Sudha Chandran) and tells her that Pratha doesn’t know that the baby who is with her is not her own daughter. Aunty recalls swapping the Professor’s daughter with Pratha’s baby. Pataali recalls how a priest told Pratha’s grandmother Nageshwari that her grand daughter will become shesh naagin and save India from the pandemic and her great grand-daughter will kill Maha Asur. Patali reveals that she did not kill Nageshwari for the Amrit Kalash but because she overheard the astrologer’s prediction that Pratha’s daughter will end the existence of demons from the world.

Other hand, Pratha goes to the temple and asks Farishtha about her grandmother’s death mystery. Farishta tells her that she should leave her past behind as she has decided to lead a normal life. Pratha asks him if her daughter will become shesh naagin like her and prays to not make Anmol a naagin. But Farishta predicts that Shesh naagin’s daughter will become like her only.

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Meanwhile, the professor names the child Prathna, who is Pratha’s real daughter. 20 years later, Pratha goes to market with her daughter Anmol where a tiger attacks a woman. Anmol stands in front of the tiger and takes naagin avatar to save the woman. Pratha gets shocked as she doesn’t want her daughter to be a naagin.

In the upcoming episode, Pratha gets strange nightmares. Professor Jeet’s daughter Prathna looks exactly like Pratha who’s her real mother. Prathna will become Shesh Naagin after she drinks milk at Shiv temple. Will Pratha able to learn about her real daughter?

Naagin 6 produced by Ekta Kapoor under her banner Balaji Telefilms. The supporting cast includes Amandeep Sidhu, Pratik Sehajpal, Manit Joura, Reema Worah, Bakul Thakkar, Mahek Chahal, Urvashi Dholakia, Sudha Chandran, Abhishek Verma among others.

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