Mother’s Day 2021: Rubina Dilaik talks about her Mom on this special day; “Looking at her enthusiasm & encouragement, I feel I have won half of my battle against COVID”

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Rubina dilaik on mothers day

Today, on May 9th, Bigg Boss 14 winner Rubina Dilaik talked about her mom on the special occasion of mother’s day. The actress post her BB 14 win was busy with her projects shoots. However, she recently tested positive for COVID-19 and is in quarantine at her home in Shimla.

Meanwhile, in an interaction with Pinkvilla, Rubina spoke about her mother and how she has been her support all her life and especially now when she has infected with coronavirus. “Talking about mother’s day is very special to me as it is going to be about my mother. I have a lot to talk about her,” the actress said. Rubina added, “My mother has been there in every phase of my life to support me. Today I want to talk about her even more because the kind of love and warmth she showers is unimaginable.”

She revealed how her mother had sensed of Rubina being unwell already and had made all the necessary arrangements for her daughter’s comfort & safety. Rubina said, “When I came home to Shimla and tested positive for the virus, I saw that my mother had already kept the room ready with all the necessities in it. My clothes were kept in the best coordinated way, a music system was set up to pep me up during my isolation period. She had also put up family pictures right in front of me so that I could see the pictures and feel good and not lonely at all.”

Rubina further revealed her mother’s life is currently revolving around her. The actress says, “She is taking utmost care of my nutrition and every two hours, she is getting me fresh food, she is making different kinds of cuisines with a healthy twist and making sure I am well-fed. Though I have lost my essence of taste and smell, she still gets me different types of foods that include healthy soups and fresh juices. Her day starts early at 5 AM and she is continuously busy since morning especially for me.”

She credited her mother for her speedy recovery from COVID. Rubina says, “I see my mother do so much for me and it gives me a lot of energy. I am grateful to God for a mother who has a warm heart, great patience and strength. Looking at her enthusiasm and encouragement, I feel I have won half of my battle against COVID, especially because of the strength that she gives me.”

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(Image Source: Instagram-RubinaDilaik)

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