Malini conspires against Imlie to put her in trouble, Imlie hides Cheeni’s identity from Malini

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Imlie hides cheeni identity from Aryan Malini

The latest episode of Sumbul Touqeer-Fahmaan Khan starrer Imlie witnessed Malini reaching Pagdandiya to bring Aryan back to city. But Aryan refuses to leave village with Malini saying until Imlie doesn’t signs the apology letter he won’t go. Malini realizes that Aryan loves Imlie and that’s the reason why he is staying in Pagdandiya and is covering up his love with hatred.

Other hand, Imlie irritates Aryan to make him leave the village. She puts cow dung on news office’s walls irking Aryan and says that there’s no other work to do as he ousted her from job. Annoyed Aryan gives her a work that of a junior but Imlie accepts it will all hearts.

Meanwhile, Cheeni asks Aryan to come to her school for a speech competition. Imlie also comes to the school for Cheeni’s competition as Aryan assigns that project to her. She sees Aryan at school and they both argues. Imlie taunts Aryan in a nice way as Cheeni asked her to behave nicely with her Hero aka Aryan.

Later, Imlie notices two men taking some sweet boxes that smells bad. She questions them but they makes some excuses and asks her to leave. Imlie puts her sweets box there and leaves.

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As competition starts, Aryan cheers Cheeni and later goes to Imlie and giver her apology letter asking her to sign it. Imlie takes the apology letter and writes something else instead of signing it which makes Aryan mad over her.

Other hand, Malini overhears these men’s conversation that sweets is not good for consumption. Malini blackmails them asking to do a work for her. Reportedly, Malini will asks these men to put the spoiled Laddoo’s in Imlie’s box. Unaware of Malini’s conspiracy, Imlie will distribute that laddoos among kids and they’ll fall sick after eating it.

In the upcoming episode, Aryan gets Imlie arrested while she tells him that she’s isn’t at fault and that she is innocent. Aryan tells Imlie that she have to show the proof if she’s innocent while police takes her to jail.

The show produced by Gul Khan’s Four Lions Pvt Ltd. The show stars Rajshri Rani, Kiran Khoje, Meena Naithani, Jyoti Gauba, Indraneel Bhattacharya. Neetu Pandey, Vijay Kumar, Resham Prashant, Nilima Singh, Gaurav Mukesh among others.

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