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Mahabharat’s Firoz Khan Opens up why he changed his name to Arjun


Television actor Firoz Khan, who potrayed the role of Arjun in mythological show Mahabharat is happy to see the viewers enjoying the rerun of the iconic show amid lockdown.

Recently, recalling the time when he went to BR Chopra‘s office to audition for the role of legendary Arjun, Firoz told Hindustan Times, “I went in and saw actors like Deepak Parashar, Raj Babbar and Govinda, among others there. The auditions for Mahabharat were going on and Govinda told me to give it a shot. I was given two pages of dialogues in Hindi. I told him to read out the lines in Hindi so that I could rewrite them in English.”

Feroz believes he was destined to play the role of Arjun. Even though the part was supposed to be essayed by Jackie Shroff initially. He said, “A week after when I didn’t get a call back, I went to his office. I was asked to wear my costumes and a moustache. I went up to Chopra saab‘s cabin in the first floor and he was sitting their along with our writers, Dr Rahi Masoom Raza and Pandit Narendra Sharma and they told me that I’ve been locked to play Arjun.”

The actor also revealed, why he changed his name to Arjun. He stated, “Whenever I used to call up a producer, they would think that I’m Feroz Khan. When I would explain to them who I was, they would ask me to call back later and I felt insulted. Chopra saab and Dr Raza recommended that Arjun should be my new name. It went on to give me everything that I dreamed of. And even my mother began to address me as Arjun eventually.”

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