Jasmin Bhasin Opens up on her Journey & Struggles; Says, “I’m a fearless person and I accept my failures with humility”

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Jasmin Bhasin

Bigg Boss 14‘s Jasmin Bhasin, who grabbed lot of attention with her amazing stint in the controversial show, has been part of many popular TV show initially. From Tashan-e-Ishq, Dil Se Dil Tak to Khatron Ke Khailadi & Bigg Boss 14, Jasmin’s journey has been fruitful so far. After BB14, the actress was seen in three music videos and her all recent songs have also been topping charts.

The actress is now thankful towards all the hardships that made her stronger and the support that she received from her fans that only motivated her Journey.

Speaking about the initial days of her career in an interaction with PinkVilla, Jasmin quoted saying, “I think my life changed 360 degree since Tashan-e-Ishq. At that time I was this young struggling model having quite a difficult time managing my finances, was struggling every day with auditions, rejections, depression and suddenly Tashan-e-Ishq worked out. It made me a television star and after that Dil Se Dil Tak happened. Then there was Khatron Ke Khiladi, Naagin 4 and Bigg Boss. I am truly thankful to those who gave me these opportunities because it did change my life from a struggling model to become an actor. I feel happy and blessed.”

The one thing that remained constant with these difficulties and success that Jasmin, who not changed as a person. “People who know me since the very beginning often tell me ‘Jasmin you are still the same’ and that is true. I don’t want to change into someone else but I’ve learnt a lot and have matured a bit. I’m still the same person, no filters, no manipulation, no diplomacy and I am unapologetically straight at your face but sensitive and emotional at the same time,” Jasmin says adding that being with family and friends, working, shopping and travelling make her happy.

When asked if she is satisfied with the way her life and career is shaping up, the actress wants the process to continue. She says, “There’s much more I’ve to achieve. I still have a lot of ambitions that I’m looking forward to fulfilling. I’m hoping that I’m on the right path… I want to play characters that would inspire women. Even when a young girl watches me on screen she should feel that nothing can stop her from achieving her dream.”

The actress further spoke about her expectations which she has from her career, she says, “I want to keep getting challenging roles in different platforms, grow every day and keep on getting the love and support from my audience. I’m not scared of the audience’s expectations rather I take that as encouragement. I’m a fearless person and I accept my failures with humility. Every single moment I get in front of the camera, I give my best. I believe being honest that reflects in your performance. This is just the beginning of my career.”

(Source: Pinkvilla)

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