Imlie: Truth Revelation! Nargis to take Jyoti’s name in front of Imlie?

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Star Plus show Imlie has been making lot of headlines with it’s interesting twists and turns. The show is doing well on the TRPs charts since start. It stars Fahmaan Khan and Sumbul Touqeer Khan in pivotal roles. The ongoing track of the show revolves around Imlie searching the culprit who tried to harm Madhav and manipulated Aryan by changing his medical reports that he’s infertile.

The latest episode saw Imlie seeing a shadow outside her room wearing the same sandals whose footprints she found in Madhav’s house. Imli learns that sandals belongs to Jyoti and feels she is the culprit. However, she is still confused if Jyoti is culprit or not. She wonders if she should trust her instincts or the evidence she found.

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The storyline is getting interesting with each passing episode. A major twist set to happen when Imli gets a call from the doctor that Nargis has started to gain consciousness. Consequently, the most awaited twist of truth revelation comes now when Nargis takes Jyoti’s name in front of Imli. Nargis will take Jyoti’s name and Imli will try to find more about Nargis-Jyoti’s connection.

Will Imlie able to find Jyoti’s truth?

The show produced by Gul Khan’s Four Lions Pvt Ltd. It stars actors like Rajshri Rani, Kiran Khoje, Mayuri Deshmukh, Meena Naithani, Jyoti Gauba, Chandresh Singh, Astha Agarwal, Rakesh Maudgal among others.

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