Imlie actor Fahmaan Khan reveals his favourite scene so far; Actor lauds entire team, “I give all the credit to them for making Aryan Singh Rathore what he is”

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Imlie actor Fahmaan Khan

Star Plus’ show Imlie is one of the most adored and successful show on television right now. It is doing great on the BARC TRPs chart. The show stars Fahmaan Khan and Sumbul Touqeer Khan in pivotal role as Aryan & Imlie. The duo is ruling the hearts of fans with their sizzling chemistry and fans fondly calls them #AryLie.

Fahmaan Khan, who plays a suave and badass businessman named Aryan Singh Rathore, has become an overnight sensation with his performance in the show. In a recent interaction with India Forums, Fahmaan opened up about ‘Imlie’ being esthetically shot and also talks about his favourite scene till date.

The handsome hunk said, “Oh you’re right. The team that I’m working with is simply amazing. I give all the credit to them for making Aryan Singh Rathore what he is. Besides just this character, the way each small thing is given so much detailing is amazing. Very rarely can you do that in television because of how much pressure there is to deliver. But that’s why their shows are mostly on top, because quality is the prime focus. Even with their backs to the wall at times to deliver in time the quality of work is not compromised on. That’s what makes a show great.”

He further added, “There’s not one scene in which i can say that this wasn’t aesthetically shot. So naming one scene would be difficult.”

The show produced by Gul Khan’s Four Lions Pvt Ltd. It stars actors like Jyoti Gauba, Chandresh Singh, Astha Agarwal, Rakesh Maudgal, Ritu Chaudhry Seth among others.

(Source: IndiaForums)

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(Image Source: FahmaanKhan, StarPlus)

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