Imlie actor Fahmaan Khan Opens up on signing the show; Reacts to his bond with Sumbul and fans’ love for him

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Imlie Fahmaan Khan

Star Plus show Imlie is one of the most successful shows on television. The show is doing well on the TRP charts since it has hit the screens. The show stars Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Mayuri Deshmukh, Fahmaan Khan and Manasvi Vashist in pivotal roles as Imlie, Malini, Aryan and Aditya. The audience is liking the chemistry between Sumbul and Fahmaan Aka Imlie & Aryan in the show and fondly calls the duo #AryLie.

Now, in an interaction with India Forums, Fahmaan Khan shared his thoughts of signing ‘Imlie’ as the third angle, given the fact that Imlie-Aditya’s love story is already well-established and had massive fan-following. Talking about the same, Fahmaan Khan said, “Every character I take up, every job I take up; I’ve only thought of giving it my best, be it the cameos that I’ve done to the lead characters that I’m playing today. I was a little skeptical initially to take up the show, but the moment I met the creative and got a little understanding of the character, there was no looking back. I knew I wanted to play Aryan Singh Rathore.”

Usually, actors entering as a third-wheel are often subject to hate comments and trolls. Reacting to it, he said, “Fans are extremely intelligent and smart. They know and appreciate good work, so no there was no fear as such.”

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Fahmaan and Sumbul shares an amazing camaraderie onscreen as well as offscreen. Talking about his off-screen bond with Sumbul, Fahmaan said, “Sumbul and I are very comfortable with each other and that’s what reflects on-screen. We eat, we talk, we laugh, we have a great time on set. She talks a lot and I’m a decent listener (laughs). So it works out well.”

The actor has gained immense popularity on social media with his stint in the show. Fans go gaga over him. Talking about it, Fahmaan said, “It’s simply amazing and extremely overwhelming to be loved and appreciated so much for the work you do. As an actor, that’s what I’ve always wanted. To all of those wonderful people out there, I’d only want to say one thing I love you tooooo.”

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