Hamari Bahu Silk actor Zaan Khan Lashes out at producers for non-payment of dues

zaan khan

TV show, Hamari Bahu Silk actor Zaan Khan lashes out at producers for non-payment of dues. The actor took to his Instagram handle to reveal that the producers of the show have not been paying the dues to the artists and the technicians as well. Due to covid-19 pandemic everyone is suffering from loss of work, money and many other resources

zaan khan

Recently, actor Zaan Khan, the lead of TV show Hamari Bahu Silk came out to reveal that the producers of the show have not been paying the dues.

Taking to his Instagram handle, Zaan slammed the producers and said that various cast and crew members related to the show are suffering due to non-payment of dues, and they might resort to committing suicide if this continues. Sharing the news on his social media, Zaan wrote, “I request to all my actor friends & especially my fans PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. I am really sorry to be sharing this, i am someone who doesnt like to talk about negativity, but i just HAD to.”

“This is for me, for my co actor’s, my fellow technician’s, my cameraman, my unit and my make up dada. I have worked with multiple productions in my career like Balaji telefilms , sphereorigin , fourlions , Fireworks , and many more and never have i had to deal with non payment for the entire show. This is what the harsh reality of our industry is. PRODUCERS – @devyanirale ) , @guptajyoti12 , Sudhashu Tripathi wake up and pay all the technicians actors . BOHOT HO GAYA AB ! stop being so inhuman.”

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As per the reports of Telly Chakkar, almost the entire team of show Hamari Bahur Silk hasn’t received their 90% payment.

A source close to the show told to the portal, “While the world is in lockdown and needs money to survive, the cast and crew of Zee TV’s Hamari Bahu Silk are almost begging and pleading to the biggies for their payments to be done. They are only asking for their own money, that the producer owes them, can you understand the frustration level? You have given your all to a show and for the service, you are not even paid, especially in this lockdown situation. A few character artists along with make-up personals have given up on the situation. They have been crying. It won’t be surprising if they resort to suicide as they are in a situation wherein ending their lives must seem easier than surviving and begging for their own money. Trust me, the situation is gross.”

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