Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Neil Bhatt Opens up on working with Ayesha Singh & how they bring alive the chemistry on screen; “I’m happy to have a co-actor like her”

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin actor Neil bhatt Ayesha Singh

Star Plus popular show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin starring Ayesha Singh and Neil Bhatt is making lot of headlines nowadays with the amazing twists and turns in the storyline. The show is getting lot of love from the viewers. Fans loves the on-screen chemistry between Neil and Ayesha who play the roles of Virat and Sai respectively. They fondly calls the duo ‘Sairat’ (amalgamation of their on screen name Sai & Virat)

Currently, the GHKKPM‘s shoot has be shifted to Goa amid shutdown of shooting in Maharashtra due to rise in COVID-19 cases. Meanwhile, in an interaction with, actor Neil Bhatt talked about working with Ayesha Singh and how they bring alive the chemistry on screen.

Speaking about it, Neil quoted saying, “Our characters have become second nature to us. We don’t really work so much more on our scenes now because there is an awareness as to how the other one would react in a situation. The level of understanding that we share is seen very rarely between actors. The synergy is just great. I am happy to have a co-actor like Ayesha with whom I share a great bond that is not just loved by audiences but by us as well. If we are missing a note in our scenes together, we come to know instantly. That is the kind of level we have set for ‘Sairat’.”

Neil further spoke about collaborating professionally with her fiancée Aishwarya Sharma in the show. Aishwarya is playing the role of Pakhi Aka Patralekha in the show, with whom Virat shares a love-hate relationship. Neil says, “When we started taking each other seriously, the first thing we discussed was that work cannot take a back seat. Work has to remain at the forefront. I’d say we are both very professional. On the other hand, I am very glad to be spending a lot of time with her because we are working on the same show. We get to shoot a lot of scenes together. Mostly, real-life couples are made out to be reel-life couples as well. Here, it is not the case. We have made that distinction very clear and it seems to be working. I am thankful for having such an understanding partner in my life.”

The actor further spoke about the atmosphere on the set. He quoted saying, “The whole team is like a family. Success of the show depends not only on the script but also on how the things are on the set. The vibe is very positive. We gel pretty well and our bond speaks for itself.”

Lastly, Neil has shared a message for his lovely fans. He said, “Entertainment will be full on. We will be staying true to the drama that fans love us for. Please give us your love and support because that is the fuel for our hard work.”

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