Defamation Case to be filed Against Vikas Gupta and Kamya Punjabi by Late Pratyusha Banerjee’s boyfriend, Rahul Raj Singh

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 Five years after her tragic suicide, tv actress Pratyusha Banerjee’s boyfriend model-actor- organizer Rahul Raj Singh continues to be expecting a closure to the case accusing him of abetment to suicide. “The Covid pandemic has extended the issue a great deal longer than it ought to have. I am expecting the day while the courtroom docket will clean my call. I feel I am now no longer guilty. I didn’t kill Pratyusha; her mother and father’s greed killed her. She was not able to satiate their infinite demands.

I attempted to restore her and did not kill her,” says Rahul Raj emotionally; the recollections of March 27, 2016, nonetheless hang out with him. “I can by no means neglect about that day. It is embedded in my thoughts, coronary heart, and soul. And the manner Pratyusha’s so-called friends Vikas Gupta and Kamya Punjabi attempted to pin Pratyusha’s loss of life on me; they have got their sense of right and wrong and God to reply to.

‘Why Talk Now? She Isn’t Here To Verify These Claims’ “ “For the exposure. They accused me without a shred of proof. That ultimate call name that Pratyusha made to me does now no longer has any proof to show me guilty. Pratyusha does now no longer accuse me even as soon as in that communique of anything. All her grief and anger had got directed at her mother and father. They are those who ought to be held responsible.

In reality, while the honorable judge granted me bail, it became at the basis of that ultimate smartphone record among Pratyusha and me,” says Rahul Raj. He intends to sue Vikas Gupta and Kamya Punjabi for crook defamation as quickly as his call is cleared in Pratyusha’s case. “They have broken my existence and profession past repair. No retaliatory motion can supply me returned my five lost years. Since I became held responsible for Pratyusha’s loss of life, all my work dried up.

All that I had accomplished before Pratyusha’s loss of life is forgotten. My existence has come to a standstill. I will sue them for crook defamation claiming Rs1 crore as compensation.” Rahul Raj says he is disgusted by Vikas Gupta’s claims of sharing a relationship with Pratyusha. “Ek mare hue insaan ko istemaal kar rahe hain . How low can he fall? Why has he unexpectedly woken as much as courting with Pratyusha 5 years after her loss of life?

A courting that he by no means had with her. She is now no longer here to refute his claim. I could have known. She advised me everything. Vikas ought to display a few shame. Using a lifeless girl’s call for exposure is the bottom he can fall.”

Rahul’s well-known shows that Pratyusha’s mother and father are in a sad economic condition. “They are in Mumbai, dwelling in shabby quarters without an income. Their golden goose isn’t there anymore. They can’t return to their native land Jamshedpur. Everyone there is aware of how they exploited their daughter.”

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