Brazil surpasses Russia with second-highest Coronavirus cases in the world

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Brazil surpasses Russia as a country with second-highest coronavirus cases in the world. On Friday, Brazil health ministry has confirmed 3,30,890 Coronavirus cases in the country, which is more than Russia, the country that has the second-highest number of cases in the world according to a count by Johns Hopkins University.

Brazil has reported 1,001 deaths over the previous 24 hours, bringing its total death toll to more than 21,000. Currently, It is the highly affected nation in Latin America.

Russia is now has the third most confirmed coronavirus cases in the world. Brazil has seen a rapid increase in coronavirus cases in the past few weeks.

The mayor of Rio de Janeiro said he wants to gradually reopen non-essential shops in the next few days. Newspaper Folha de S. Paulo has reported on Friday that Sao Paulo was reevaluating its previously announced plans to reopen commerce and instead may enter lockdown.

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