Bigg Boss 14: While talking to Aly Goni, Pavitra Punia gets into argument with Jasmin as she interrupts; Pavitra tells her to keep the Possessiveness with herself

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In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 14, we will witness more drama as Bigg Boss will announce the captaincy task and green zone members will go against each other to win the captaincy. Aly Goni, the new contestant took part by advising friends, especially Jasmin Bhasin for the game.

During the task, Rubina Dilaik will doubt Jasmin Bhasin‘s intentions and tell her husband Abhinav Shukla to not trust her from now onwards. In the promo, Rubina seen upset with Abhinav and questions him that why Pavitra pushed him out of the captaincy task and not Jasmin. Abhinav tries to explain her. But Rubina is now doubtful of Jasmin and tells Abhinav to not trust her from now.

Further in the promo, Jasmin and Pavitra seen competing with each other for captaincy. They both tries to not let the other win the task. Later, Jasmin seen pushing Pavitra in the task. The winner of the task is yet to be known. But if the media reports are to be believed Jasmin is likely to be the next captain of house after Eijaz Khan.

Later in the promo, Pavitra seen having a interaction with Aly Goni through intercom. Pavitra tells Aly, ‘when you call me a friend and I call you my friend then I also expect something from you‘. Jasmin interrupts and asks Pavitra to not question Aly. Pavitra gets upset and tells Jasmin that she might be friends with Aly, but she is also friends with him. Jasmin replies saying that she knows why Pavitra is saying all of the above mentioned.

Pavitra gets irked and tells Jasmin, “Apni dosti ki possessiveness apne paas rakho wo mera bhi dost hai.” At the end of the promo, Jasmin seen calling Pavitra ‘nonsense’ and the latter gives back with a similar reply. Pavitra further states that she did not expect this from Jasmin.

Have a Look at the Promo:

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