Bigg Boss 14: Vikas Gupta loses his temper on Arshi Khan and angrily pushes her into the swimming pool

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In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 14, we will see Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan‘s fight getting ugly. The two have been continuously clashing ever since they entered the BB 14 house. The two have also been warned by Bigg Boss to not get physical during fights. Arshi has been constantly poking Vikas Gupta, until now we have seen Vikas being patient and did not reacted that much.

However, now in the upcoming episode we will see Vikas loosing his cool on Arshi and giving back to her. In the latest preview of the show, Arshi and Vikas can be seen arguing with each other. Their fight started with Arshi telling Vikas to apologise to her for constantly telling her that she will be evicted. This time Vikas did not let her go, and decides to give it back to Arshi. He goes and sits beside her and says that she is not only disrespecting herself but also her father.

Arshi gets annoyed with this and says that Vikas has no right to lecture her because he is the one who disrespects his own mother. Vikas then says that her father will come inside and tell her how disgusting she is. Later, Vikas is seen threatening her that he will make her life miserable in the house and calls her ‘gandi aurat’. Soon, the rest of the housemates join Vikas and asks Arshi why she is continuously poking him. Vikas is seen going away from there, telling her that she has crossed all limits and pushes her with shoulder. Arshi gets furious and asks him how dare he pushed her and she drops her mike.

Have a look at the promo right here:

Jasmin then tries to make Vikas understand and the latter tells her that his relationship with mother is not good outside and since Arshi knows about it, she’s taking advantage. Further, Arshi seen irritating him by saying that he can only back answer or argue with a woman as he cannot do that with men. After she says that, Manu Punjabi warns her not to cross the limits. Later, Arshi was seen standing near the pool along with Aly as she replies to Manu that, if Vikas will drag her parents she will also do the same.

After listening this, Vikas come towards Arshi and pushes her into the swimming pool, leaving all the housemates shocked. Aly Goni help Arshi Khan in coming out of the pool and she refuses to play the game. Vikas also goes inside the house saying that he too doesn’t want to play and he is done with the show.

Now, it will be interesting to watch if Vikas Gupta get punished for his behaviour or not? Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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(Image Source: Twitter-Bigg Boss 14, Colors TV)

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