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Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik & Rakhi gets into Heated argument during cooking; Sawant yells at her, “Jhagde karne ka bahana mere sath mat dundo”

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In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 14, we will see a massive argument between Rubina Dilaik & Rakhi Sawant. The channel has dropped the new promo where Rakhi is seen cooking food and Rubina Dilaik comes to kitchen area and asks her why she made the lunch, when it was decided that she will cook.

The promo further shows, Rakhi telling Rubina that everyone was hungry, hence she started cooking. The Shakti actress says that Rakhi is trying to portray that Rubina does not work. Rubina says, ‘Aap ye bata ri hi ki Rubina ab kaam nahi kar ri’. Rakhi replies her saying don’t find a reason to fight with her. Rubina tells Rakhi not to do her duty and Rakhi hits back at her saying that she does not allow others to speak. Rubina says, ‘dusron ka kaam karke apni achhai mat dikhaiye’. Rakhi tells her, ‘Itni chhoti soch meri nahi hai’.

Have a look at the promo right here:

On the other hand, in the upcoming episode, Aly Goni & Abhinav Shukla will also get into nasty fight during task. In the last night preview, Aly Goni is seen trying to snatch a cycle from Abhinav during task and throws it in the pool. Abhinav then gets into heated argument with Aly Goni and calls him ‘ghatiya’. Aly too calls him ‘ghatiya’ and uses bad words. Abhinav warns him to not to use such language on him. During their verbal spat Aly calls Abhinav ‘fattu’ and they both pushes each other.

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